Saturday, October 13, 2012

"IT Girls" : Marlene Dietrich

Hello, Hello! Today i have a nice time to post here and I am in the mood to make more one IT Girl...
But what is a shape without the correct skin, hair, eyes, lips... Yeahhh, some times i have luck, others not much... ;)))
Hope you enjoy!

Here one real picture of her... only to help you  :)))):

Here the style card  ;))):

Dress: TUH: Severed Arm (Scripted) #27, free
Shoes: TUH: Severed Arm (Scripted) #29, free, both in Destiny´s Designs

Cigarette: Cigarette L1 - Green - Mouthpiece v.2.0 [BOXED], Marketplace, 1L$
Ps. It has poses and a  menu to drive to very nice effects.

Makeup: Ricielli - THE HALLOWEEN HUNT #item 12, number 5 - 15L$
PS. I used to modify the original format of the skin lips.

Jewels: Chop Zuey Gift - Harvest Ring and Earrings, free
Nails: Izzie´s, old gift

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Doris Curls Strawberry, not free
Eyes and Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Jessica -  Eyes + Lashes -CyanDream- not free, not spency
Skin: 01   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*, not free but nice pack!

Now... some mixes...

Dress: TRPH3 #05Paris METRO Couture: Rapture Gown w/ MESH Upper (H/C)*, free - High Quality, spite you have to be thin!
Hair: .b - bound - dark blondes, candy

Spite in most pictures  she is smoking... enjoy the beauty legs of Marlene... ;)))

Stocks and Pumps from TUH: Severed Arm (Scripted) #27, free, look above
Outfit:   Ho Wear: Dark Encounter Halloween edition ::H, free - just beautiful!
HAir: ""D!va"" Hair "Jina" (Type A)(Cat's eye), Collabor 88

So you got 3 outfits that deserves  to be used out of Halloween!

Now a days i am too much envolved with my RL projects, that "Thanks God" are very nice! so i hope be able to post here once week!.

See you soon!

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