Friday, June 29, 2012

"Love is Pink" Part 6 of 6

Hello guys... I am here to finish my serie of Love is Pink.
With my big delay to post... many gifts had been posted around SL blogs and in this end of month,  i will only add a point about intimacy.

How many times do you build your look thinking in unbuild it... i mean undress... lol?

I use to forget my underwears many times... but for a purpose...  be nude could be sexy sometimes... but to cover could be much more!

Unfortunately the new mesh clothes dont tease anyone to look under... main with that total invisible layer...but, sometimes when the teleport fails... we can see lots of nude people and laugh a lot with the views.
So, to care about your intimacy can powered a lot of relationships or simple fire your image, like in a bad teleport.

Sunglasses: *Milady's* -Insomnia- Ladies Sunglasses [Boxed] - MM board, free
Dress: :: PM :: Cheetah Dress MESH Group Gift
Nails: Candy Nail #P078 Midnight Dream Gold, gift
Hair: ChiChickie! Jun 24, '12 - New Release, Gift at Subscriber
Hairbase: Tiny Bird Hairbases, i got for free in marketplace, but not available now (its very important to get a nice pack of hairbases... some hairs dont need, others like this i am wearing, need it to complement the look)
Jacket+ Jewels: Hipnose HIPD 22 , group gift
Bag: Nanan - Leather Bag Ocre 1L$
Shoes: Maitreya Mesh Radical Boots * Suede Chamoisee, Group Gift 225L$
Underwear: ~Blacklace~ Summer Love: Pink Rose Bra Set, 159L$ - recently Blacklace released a Pink set for 99L$... unfortunately i didnt get in time LOL!
PS. I wear the mesh lashes from Maitreya... they are too tiny for my taste, but fits well.

Now unpacking ... LOL - I let you imagine what she is wearing under this dress above,  LOL

;))))) Muaaahs Love is Pink... believe!

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