Saturday, December 26, 2015


One day, almost 3 years ago, i felt that Second Life was swallowing my First Life and decided to STOP! Yeahh!  3 years far from SL, studing  and developping  another personal skills.
Now a days I can control my time best and I can play in SL  without compromise my Real Life.
I am back today and want to share with you some stuff based in my new experiences in The SL World.

1. My computer become old to run SL..., need some upgrades...
2. Mesh everything !! Wearing Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
    - Best hud - easy to use -  usefull 
    - Hands and feet in the pack  to make the life easy
    - Omega Compatible
    - Best Cost X Benefit
3. Mesh Head - wearing LOGO
    - Easy to use and full of resources (spite far off my real face!)
    - I was in doubts between Logo and Catwa, and decided by Logo because the natural makeups
    - Omega Compatible
    - I wear Mayfly Mesh eyes, because they are like "me"
    - I miss to add makeups tatoos to face, because Omega only permits 1 by time
4. I looked out for male mesh body to my alter... and did not like any. The best one now a days is the
    Slink...   but it is  a bit complex to use,  do not include hands and feet, the genital part is
    not sexy in my opinion, spite the body looks like a normal person.  I still waiting... my classic
    shape looks better them any mesh ones...
5. For Male mesh Head i vote Akeruka
    - looks like "man", nice face definition
    - easy to use with nice beard resources
    - have nice movements
    - Omega Compatible
    But, I still waiting...

For now, to girls, i post in my Marketplace Store  a new set of shapes  that fit in Maitreya Lara Mesh Body and as well as  in any other mesh bodies or classical SL Avatar body.

My best wishes to all you in 2016!

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