Friday, February 24, 2012

Do men prefer Blondes or Brunettes?

I am not much into Skins, because i am happy with mine, but i hunted a lot of  high quality skins, so i will show to you, time by time, puting them beside me. How you know i am pale with freckles, but when i look to this cinamon tan, i breath deep. My congrats to the creators!.
The other thing is this BabyDoll lingerie, magnific, that i got at marketplace by only 1L$, but unfortunatelly today is for L$300, so i let this link, to you get other  by 1L$, that i think is pretty too.

Other Credits:
Hairs: Magika, Maitreya, Elikatira.
Skins: The brunette girls dress old huntings, MOJO (with tattos) Autumn Princess and AlVulo Frida, mine already posted.
Lip Tatto: Lionskins (i think it is discontinuated, but need to check).
Earrings: old hunting, (CW) Valentine's Earrings Left.
Nails: Izzie Metalic (old hunting).
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump L SLV.2 Red (old hunting too).
Shape is mine, and the skins are the responsable by the changes.
Eyes, lashes: already posted.
Pubic Hair: was a nice group gift of BH_Bare Necessities Tattoo - Pubic Hair - Narrow Thatch2.
Outifit: *BabyDoll* Red Embroidered 

Well i hope my pictures are getting better, spite i still with a trouble in the translator.
Good evening, i go to bed!

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