Saturday, August 11, 2012

"IT" GIRL´S: Marilyn

"Some of the great leading ladies in Hollywood have had a power to fascinate that transcends beaulty, talent, and glamour: an extra something that epitomizes the magic of Hollywood.

Here,  some of my choices for membership in this category of one-of-a-kind stardom. "

Author: Murray Garrett
Book: Hollywood Candid, A Photographer Remembers

Also, i consulted the Bookazine Life: Remembering... 50 Years Later..

I gave you 2 references but in fact i spent long time looking photos and other informations to make 2 simple pictures and blogging here today, after my long delay... hope you understand!

I would love to make this post with low cost stuff, but i could not to find what i was looking for...
Also, could not find the perfect skin, hair... clothes... so i worked with the stuff  i could find, in my free time, and you, please,  consider they was the best choices i could find in SL world.

In  future i will make others IT Girl´s... I only need time.

Starting with Marilyn Monroe, that i reviewed for this post...  with that  warm eyes, and that mouth asking for something...

Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Scarlett:::*LightSkin*J1

Look... the original skin have the dot at left up... i did photoshop over this picture... only to enforce my dream! This skin cost 700L$, but the nice is to receive 9 eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks..., also 2 options for breast.

Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Clara Curly Golden, spency because comes in full pack
Eyes: Some pictures shows blue eyes...others green hazel... here i choosed Mayfly... already blogged !

Lashes: I used mesh lashes from Al Vulo!, it was in the skin pack i got by TDR... and bloged in Vintage China.

Makeup: I prefer nude skins or with light makeup... so i can manage my own taste for this. One big dificulty is cover the makeups... it happens most of time... but here i see one nice opportunity for developpers: one nude makeup... to cover the others... ;))), well... until this happen... this lips from Lionskins  are nice to do that... and make the mouth you see in the picture, the most closed to Marilyn one that i could find!

Earrings: Ohhhhhh this are free in PM Vintage Fair,  :: Viola Earring in Gold

Shoes: After lots of patience i got the right color to match with the socks... N-core TRIBUTE "Noir Intense"

Outfit: Nice outfit! i could not to resist! GizzA - Elegant Steps [Vintage Fair]

Switcases: The big one is from {what next}Travel Suitcase with poses... the small one is [label mode] mimui handbag, with poses too...

Poses: Adorkable



  1. May i ask... where did you buy the shape?

  2. ohhh... i dont buy shapes, i do them. I was thinking to give away all i produced to this blog, like i did to Alek in Marketplace, but got stucked in RL with new projects and now a days i have not much time to SL.
    Send me a NC in world and i will send you the shape.
    Thanks for visit my blog, you are pretty wellcome.
    Zara Kraft