Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding on the Beach

Hello guys... Yes i have been absent, i am a worker like you, and the RL is very important. It pays my bills :))))

Last week i was looking to post for some Fairy Tale  ;)))  I was not thinking to post about marriage or some like that, until i look this dress.

It can be dressed  in many occasions because you can change the flower colors, also you can use shoes or not, be in  long or short hair, all depends of you and your mood.

There are not many freebies when you think in the issue "marriage",  but i found some interesting acessories that are not expensive.

The dress: Moonlight Melody Glitchants ~LIGHT~ , Caverna Obscura 
PS. I took long time to decide by this dress because there are other nice options, all between  300 and 650L$... this one cost 550L$.

Now lets talk about the others parts of this outfit:

Hair: Group Gift of Alli&Ali
Skin: Group Gift of Huit
PS. Both nice products!
Hair base: Tiny Bird, no longer exist

Eyes: my old mesh  Mayfly... you already know from my old posts, no free
Makeup: MONS for Zodiac, Makeups - Eyeshadow Daily (cream)+Makeups - Eyeliner Inner (lime), no free
Lashes: Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE*, no free
Earrings: (Caroline's Jewelry) Simple Pearl Drop Earrings, old gift
Nails: French Nails, Le Forme, old gift
Shoes: could be a barefeet... but i decide to wear white lace pumps, old gift from PM

Bouquet: in the next pictures you will see: Stargazer Lily Bridesmaid Bouquet, 49L$
PS. it is mod, so i changed the color of the bow, also i rotated 45o, to make it look longer.

My Groom:  ;)) Johnny, we meet in SL 4 years ago: yes we still in love SL and RL!

Johnny wears the complete [*RG*] Milano Outfit    *REDGRAVE*, not free
PS. If your Av is big like Johnny, take a copy of the folder, before make adjusts.
Skin: ::Mr.Poet::Lieber skin, Luck Letter, free - very realistic full hd skin
Hair: Alli&Ali Mason Hair Blackberry, Group Gift, free
Buttoniere: Stargazer Lily Bridesmaid Bouquet, i used the hair piece, resizing each part, 25L$
Wedding Rings: [md] My heart is yours M, 5L$
PS. In original is a date ring, so when you wear atach it to the left hand and use edit to best fit.


When the wedding is at beach, the outfits will be informal. This weeding happened around 6:00pm, so Johnny keep the jacket closed. If was at morning, or middle afternoon, could be opened or not used.

Also Zara wears a fluid and light dress, opened in legs. If was morning or until middle afternoon she would not  use shoes, or maybe use flats.
In general wedding on the beach ends with the couple and the friends, inside water!

To get married is expensive and is rare to find promo, gifts or freebies.

If you  will get married, and you own a land with min 500 prims to hold the event, you can  choose some Wedding in the Box, that have all furniture you will need, most cases you have to complement with the cake, champagne and other foods you like. Nienna Wood have developed Boxes for all tastes and styles. You found easy in Marketplace. Her products are copy/mody and cost between 1000-3000L$.
If you dont own land and think to rent, consider a rental between 1500-2500L$/week.

Kitten Mills (Marketplace)  have some Wedding in the Box, starting in 99L$ but no mod. So if you are short money, you have to look the decoration before to get a dress !!! To keep economic you need a friend borrow the land and another to be the minister. During the part, use a  streamming radio.

To hold one event to 20 friends, you will spent min 3000L$, but how is a special moment you will not be so economic!

Thinking in this way, unless you decide do all by your hands,  i consider the best decision is to rent a Wedding Venue by the same price you would spent without any help.

For our wedding simulation we choosed Charming Beginnings, with prices starting in L$3000, located in a well done  and well supported area. Thanks Peggie Bundy, for all your attention and help!.

Hope you enjoy guys!

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