Friday, June 22, 2012

"Love is Pink" Part 5 of 6



I love you guys! You are soooo patient to wait me ;))))
I would love do this post during the terrible traffic to back home... today 280Km... 
No one deserves! What happenned? Nothing, only too much cars!

Well let’s continue talk about pink...

In the past São Paulo Fashion Week... I listened one very important stylist talking about the Brazilian Fashion way... and she told that Brazilians grew  since the  jeans wear period, spite now a days the Brazilian fashion tend to the "piriguete" model, some creators have nice structured  design... Who told this? Costanza Pascolato to the Estadão News... 2 weeks ago in Metropole pages.

Believe you or not... was the first time I listened  the word "piriguete"... I am not into TV so long... and tend to read  what match with my taste... so... I got a big delay information in this case!

I went to look around  in  many RL Fashion Blogs ... to see what they were talking about the piriguetes... LOL and also what the word means... LOL

(Piriguete) means a woman that dress to show off with the objective of capture the man that she wants for the moment. She is not interested to develop a long time relationship, she wants only to play sex... with a handsome guy that can pay for her funny time when she needs.  in this case she is who choose her man... They are not sex professionals.

Men, by the other side, look for fast-food sex... they go out to party and hope finish the night over a bed with a beautiful woman that make him close the night with a gold key, before sleep deep... and nothing more!

Well... This woman’s are free and to hers doesn’t matter what other people will think... they want get fun, only fun!

In general they dress very short clothes, with a big cleavage... colors, accessories and hair that call attention...high heels are mandatory, and they have a very well defined body... sometimes pretty face too. LOL!

Some guys say that they are hot lovers… and not shy!

The curios fact is that the “normal” girls… the ones that hate the piriguetes… try to add some of hers costumes, spite all time this girls refer to piriguetes like they was trash… in fact some are cult…  and some  have only the nice body to show.

These “normal” girls say: these clothes are short but not piriguete, not much!…  In fact this girls  play  hunting men  like the others… but this ones are looking for a long time relationship… so now  we can  understand why the fashion creators tend to develop clothes that make you look like “dressed to kill your  father". 

Well, I have my "piriguete" side for sure... but try to be not much! LOL!
Why i bring this to SL? Look around and you will see very easy!
Backing to my models, above, what do you think? Are they piriguetes? LOL!!!

Here the style card for them:

Jewells: ::PM:: Paula Gown, part of this outifit that you hunt in main store
Dress: Atelier_Bonetto_Black_Embr, i got today for 55L$, dont know tomorrow!
Shoes: [whatever] high heel - blush [GROUPGIFT], 250L$ fee
Clutch: ::Duh!:: Little Leather Clutches Berry & Turquoise, SBG Mall Event
Hair: [LeLutka]-BELLE hair/Dark Blonde, not free...

Ps. Tip about this hair. I dont use to have problems with mesh hair, but i had with this one.
To correct the size, dont wear it, but attach it to your sckull, so you will can resize.
Also use a hair base to get nice finalization.

Ring: .::BeautyCode::. Free Butterfly Rings (SFF), free
Bag: S@BBiA::GroupGift No.28, free
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Sayaka2" (Type A)(Amber), Colabor88, not free, already posted
Belly Tatto: * Sweet Sin Tattoo * - please show me love 2, . Sweet Sin . Gift SFF
Nails: .:[RatzCatz]:. Finger Nails v1 (Free Version), old gift
EArrings: Sn@tch Swag Bag (Crystal Gypsy Jewelry/Texture Change), freebie
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Cookie-SGB Mall event, free
Shoes: MA - #10 - Leverocci - Old gift from Mesh Around, look at your inventory
Outfit: DSL #02 SAKIDE, free

Hope you like this post... next i will talk about intimacy!

Sorry for the messing in this post tonight... after my correction, hope all  you are reading it fine... 
Big Kiss!

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