Thursday, May 17, 2012

I loved this Body

Body is a versatible clothe, do you have one?
Here like in RL... morning, afternoon, evening... beach, city, club... it helps to finish many looks.
This one i am wearing is a Group Gift of Chantkare, i joined times ago, now a days i think is not free to joing.

Present in all looks:
Skin:    Yuko Skin BND black boxed, BND, 20L$
Earrings: {mE} Pansy Earring // for TTBI #12 [Bag] - Old Gift, maybe you have in your inventory
Makeup: [mock] Harare Makeover [lip 0]  [eyes/lips], 39L$
Hair: booN ICH712 hair sandy black, SAIKIN, not free
Shoes: Elikatira, [e] Move Pumps w/ Invisi Prim - Onyx , not free

From left to right, the complements i used to make the looks:
Skirt, socks, gloves, panties: Phoenix Rising- Intentions, you find in the Mix Boxes, 1L$
Skirt: Ricielli LOVE MOMMY hunt - item#7, L$15, maybe in the store yet... or in your inventory!
Shirt: Chantkare, comes in the same pack of the body.
Hat: *+SAIKIN straw floppy hat red, gift that you find in the secret room (find the secret door)

Muuuahs from ZARA
PS... I will stop for vacations  since tomorrow to June, 18 ... so i will blog only if i could not go out because is tooooo cold or rainning a lot! ;)))))))))))))))

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