Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are you going to marry?

Hello girls... as some of you asked me... here my fast suggestion, this one  was made to brides that dont want to spent money. Its simple and classic!
Hope you enjoy and have  a nice wedding!

The Bride  
Hair:  GIFT EdelStore  woman hair " Leia " coral PEARLS (you find in market place too) - free - I add a hair base tintable from Tiny Bird, no long exist.
Jewels: :: PM :: Pearl's Dream in White, old group gift ... Arent you in PM Group YET? - free
Dress: MFg Wedding001a (White flowered wedding gown) - Marinoco Fashion - free
Shoes: Kakia Designs Mesh High Heel  White, 10L$
Bouquet:  Tropical Bridal Bouquet, free
Nails: French Nails, Le Forme, old gift
Makeup: *elymode* makeup -  sharp eyeliner - lower w/ lashes - teal  and [ a.e.meth ] - Cat Eyeliner 2, both old gifts
Lashes: Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes , this i got inside a skin pack...and they are mesh and  very pretty!
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Persian Blue, w4), FFH #48, free
Skin: Jessica from Redgrave, its my old  and  a lot blogged skin!

The  Groom
Outfit: its NEW in SFDesign,   60s mod suit - blue, 400L$
Shoes:  ::Duh!:: Men's Leather Dress Shoes Navy, 20L$
Alternative Outfit: YDEA, James Bond, group gift (look next picture)

Wedding Rings: Portobello Creations, 5L$
Poses: SSP June Wedding Pose, 1L$
Other Poses: Adorkable

Huuuugs! kisses, bicocas ;)))

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