Friday, July 27, 2012

Male Intimacy

This post is for you:  Boy, man... men!

Do you have fetich, or kind of... when you see female underwear? Does your imagination fly?
Well mine does! Yes... I am real female... and i love men!
Girls only if...  I become curios   :))))

All started when i went to Vitamen to grab a gift to John... heheheh...
and my mind flew.

I will not publish all photos i took... maybe in my flicker... but i loved do them... and  them made me sweat...

Here i show how i see a man in his intimacy...

Johnny wear:

*Sacred - ATOG - 002 - T2 - Goatee, not free

.ID. July Gift

Hair TYLER - Dark - REDGRAVE (RGP1140002), dressed with hairbase, not free

- MPP - Men FlipFlop - Brown, not free
PS. The best option to who dont want to pay a lot for one barefeet, but like the others brands, still not easy to get the right color skin, and depending on the skin... you need lots of patience.
You can see in my pictures (they have no photoshop), how it works when i change lights.

VITAMEN Monthly Freebie July 2012 - nice one! hummmmmm ;))))

Pose: Glitterati

Here one complete set of male underwear to you dress like your  mood  at the moment. This set comes with many options to dress and dont include the belted socks in the pack. All from VITAMEN.

*JeSyLiLO*::Dirty.Jeans*Blue, 30L$ at discount room
M&C FaCtOrY PoloShirt =MEN= black, Group Gift
[ h ] Tweed Blazer - Mesh - Grey, not free
::Duh!:: Men's Leather Dress Shoes Black - not free ,   PS: Get the pack because is not expensy and will help you many times when matching clothes.

Behind scenes...  snapshots... uuuuuhuuuu!!!!

Some people asked me about Xcite!... here it is!

Male underwear is so exciting to women like  female ones are to you guys!

About the location : Cranston and Taylee's Arboretum 
PS. Romantic with Ballroom . The room where i took the shots surprised me because the poses.

All locations that i visit you acess in this blog by the main menu: Taxi Rank.

Enjoy and have fun!

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