Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hello guys, backing again after my alergic crise... yes i am a little bit tired of clothes... but i was ill in rl, thats true.
What i present above is a representative model of a real history.
I was walking with Johnny by a rl shopping, that supports a theatre, when a girl, looking like this model above, passed by us... Johnny turned head and sayid: Nossaaa!! Essa vale a pena! --- Something like to say: Delicious! LOL
But the curiose fact in that moment was to see 100 between 100 men in that store doing the same of Johnny and with that face of OHHHHhhhhhhh!, well... if you want to cause that frisson in SL... here is what to do:

Get a dark skin: [inaya] Skin - Soha (Teinte Cadiz)  HB - group gift
Get a minidress that make you stand outSHIKI-baby doll dress CYAN-VIp march - group gift (the original one comes with the belt in dark blue. Click over it, select edit, edit parts, select each part of the belt and change color to white) - Ajust the basic dress to cover your but very well...
Get a good sandal, not heavy, closed the color of your skin - to make your legs longer: ::GB:: Stone  Sandals (Brown)* - Group Gift
Choose a Jewell not heavy too, only one... earrings or necklace or bangle: *JD*NECKLACE CROSS - old gift in marketplace - no more available
Choose a nice and simple hair - >TRUTH< Jessie - auburn - Group Gift
No makeup, doesnt means no eyelashes - I loved  Redgrave ones - this is Lucious - not free but a nice investment.
Women need a purse to complement the look: Fashionista Hunt :: ZEPHYR :: Clutch Bag, old hunting, maybe still in store.
Nails off course! : Izzie - not free, but nice investiment
Eyes: tis are Mesh from Mayfly -not free.

After all this work... go out showoff... after you rez totally, count around 5 min... ;)))))) , now is about you! Good Luck!

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