Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Guy

I whish to get nice free clothes for men was  simple like for women... but not!
Well i post what i taste... and this set is touchable, well for me is ;))))))))
He is too (pssssss!!!) LOL

And,  my mix :

Bad@zz- Hair -  Fusion - Black #4 - (I miss more styles for classical men... !! ) - This one is far to be free ;))))))

::GB::Achilleus pierce  - Group Gift - Free

Shirt+pants : Sartoria - WALKER  Gift  at Mimi´s Choice - Free

Shoes: Stash Bash - Sneakers from Ducknipple , hunt for Free

Glasses: [KASA] Glasses "Philippe" box, Free

Jacket: Pa-que shirt_red_male 1 - POISON - MM (still there!!) , Free

Skin, eyes, body hair, tattoo - look my old posts... i am lazy today...


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