Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elegance and Culture

Do you look so long for one Place to exchange  Cultural knowloge? SOooo, I  present you the Kaz Films and Arts.

Owned by Debora Kaz, the company is a cultural producer which is located in Sao Paulo / Brazil,  responsible for promoting cultural content in  areas of fine arts, photography, film, videos and music,   now also participating in the SL World  to share pleasant moments  with you, promoting a cultural exchange.

The Second Life  Kaz Space provides  Art Exhibitions, Musical Events,  Videos and Movies, developed by Artists around World, and also mix the Real Life and Second Life. This artists are  selected by an specialized team  in art and culture. They also have a  Photo Studio that developes professional and esthetic Art Work for the Second Life citizens.

The StartUP is tomorrow, at 8pm Brasil or 4pm Second Life.  Dont forget to Subscriber  or joing to a ViP Group (Join for 200L$). Other informations you get direct in theit web pag.:

I visited the Kaz Space today afternoon and got this picture about 2 instalations in exposition there:

In  Back Ground the  Aerial Roots (Debora Kaz) and  in First Plan,  part of the MayFly Maciminia ( Bryn Oh).  To understand them and to feel the space... you have to go there tomorrow!!! Make your evenings more elegant and cult!


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