Saturday, May 12, 2012

Casual Chic

Shoes: *+SAIKIN clog sabot sandal REST red, ( i gave the LM of the  secret room, but if you dont see yourself in a red room, sooo you need to find the door to it... ;)) ) - There are 5 gifts!
Jewells - Goddess Dark Silver - 75L$ - Very nice set! - Take a copy of it, dress and change collor to gold - after done, you will have it in silver and gold to enjoy!
Clutch - RICIELLI EASTER HUNT ITEM #19 - If you got in the easter... find in your inventory!
Pants: *Just BECAUSE* Group Gift 2/2012 - Still in store run!!!
Skin: [inaya] Skin - Soha (Teinte Cadiz)  HB - Group Gift
Shirt: Ricielli LOVE MOMMY hunt - item#13
Glasses: >> KAZZA << Sun Glasses, old group gift
Hair: >TRUTH< Georgina - espresso - not free
Nails: Izzie, old gift

Enjoy your Saturday Night and have a nice Sunday!

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