Friday, April 20, 2012

The Black Widow I

Hello guys! I was absent here cose my father-in-law dead... i mean his body dead, he stills in our hearts and in God´s hands now! So this title post have nothing to see with this fact.
I have been tired to look this SL clothes... i get around 50 free itens or more by day, when i am in SL... and they dont taste me to blog! Maybe is my focus... but...
Did you watch the movie Black Widow? i didnt yet...;)) but it motivated my blog today.
Here my first way to capture you, come ;) ...

Skin -  01c Pale Skin -Jessica- / *natural *REDGRAVE* - not free
Lashes - Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE* - not free
Hair: >TRUTH< Lykie (Mesh) - marmalade - not free
Freckles - Mango - old gift (they could moved, dont sure about)
Earrings - {mE} Pansy Earring // for TTBI #12 [Bag] - old gift -  search your inventory!
Nails: #04 - Hunt Valentine's Day in Chandelle, old gift - search your inventory!

Bangles: Nice ones! I love all from Sigma! SIGMA Jewels/ Kenya Bangles for DSM 2.0 Hunt, freeeee!
Clutch: :: ZEPHYR :: MESH Clutch Bag in Liqui-Brown, freeeee!
Dress: Got Allure? Black Gown Set-Cilian'gel 1920's - Presentation Box - Black Widow Hunt, freeeee!

PS. This dress is much more them i am showing... GO PICK IT!
I had to lost butt and bobs to dress it, but i dont blame! Also dont need shoes!
For my taste it looks foxy, spite no red lipstick!
Muhuhuhuas! from ZARA

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