Friday, March 23, 2012

Do you want be Sexy for ZERO L$?

Guys, i am lost in my inventory... so lost, that i dont know how later  i am to post stuff!
Anyway, maybe some of you dont know this place yet...
What i suggest: Go there and enjoy loooots of free nice stuff, like some i post here.
I liked the textures of the clothes, also the scripts they have... the skins are nice too and very usable!
Yesterday some girl asked me about Complete Avatars... well, here you have a nice option!
Hope you all enjoy and have fun! Muuuuuuaaaahhhh from Zara.
PS: Perfect to suprise your man ;))

All dresses, and Skin, you find in Yasum Design, also much more!
This coktail dress have 3 nice options  to wear and comes with this shoes i´m showing.
The skin is  Ramya*DOLL* Sepia /GLAMOUR
The hair is  Analog Dog  ladonna nutmeg , free in freeball.
Earrings are old hunting.

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