Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Picture Book!

Hello everybody! When i thought to place some pictures here i realised about my big inventory. So i decided to make a housekeeping  and off course: cleanning in SL is so boring like in RL.
Well i made it 30000 itens less, cleaning Trash, Notecards and packing very old inventory. Its a progress, dont?!
First I realised that lots of my huntings  never was been openned! In a so big inventory is easy get lost! But i still been a silly hunting... it has a fun side and help me to relax.
The other thing I realise is that there are no space to bad itens ( means the ones i dont like and/or have low quality apparence).
Dont expect so much because in SL i am like a common person, a consumer, a player... not a professional photografer.

For today a home stylish outifit and some cudles around!
Hope you enjoy!

DaybydayLook 001130212

Skin: Redgrave Jessica Natural  NOT FREE
Hair: D!va Yoko Amber NOT FREE (but you can grab the free vertion)
Makeup: [mock]eShadow Fall Festivale Green 2[eyeshadow only] - Free!
Eyes: ::UH::Crystal eye(mossgreen)S - Old gift
Glasses:  K_gs Leaf/LimeGreen - Free!
Necklace: .phresh. Forbidden Crest Necklace - Free!
Shirt: [N!] Comfy Sweater - Left Sleeve - Vanilla Brown - Free!
Nails:  .:[RatzCatz]:. Finger Nails v1 leftHand (20) - Free!
Pant: [ NERD.P ] Check roll-up pants green 1 - Free!
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Mary Jane Foot Shaper - Free!
Dog:  Zooby Ultimate Beagle - Not Free!
Couch:  .::NOON::. Couch Lips Seat - old gift
Carpet:  Zigana  carpet .tea time - NOT FREE, but not spency
Paint: {meberry} Painting-Flying butterflies - NOT FREE
Location: Eden Naturopolis


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