Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We have been buzy this days! ;))))

The Hunting Sport is too much addict, but we hunt for a purpouse: Enjoy the Stuff that we get around!
I confess:  i get much more stuff then i can enjoy. Many itens i never had time to open  because there is every a new iten to get... and never too much time logged in SL world to use it!
I thanks the criators by giving away so nice products, and hope they still doing it ;))) BuT stopped hunting a little to enjoy!

Here John is wearing one old Gift from Gizza, that still there. He is not wearing the chest part... is not much his style ;))).
I wear White Armory group gift gown... every week they give away a new one and all are very nice and quality.
Hummm, who dont have a D!va hair? This one is a past gift.
The place is Franks: a nice point to hunt other things.... ;)))))))))))
The poses are Seil Expression you get in Marketplace for 1L$.

Be carefull with groups that ask some fee to joing... other day i was get by mistake and saw 300L$ going to trash. When the products are nice and match with our taste, that is ok... but when not...hummm!!

I have more to post, hope do it today.

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