Thursday, March 8, 2012

We are later about this stuff...

This outfit  is a mix of...

You got in Animal Hunting: L$0
CHANDELLE - Top Leopard - 1
CHANDELLE - Skirt less [Brown]
CHANDELLE - Shoe  Brown
CHANDELLE - Glasses brown/Leopard

You get in Marketplace: L$1
*Your Style* White Leggins - This very nice legging (makes your but up!) I edited and tinted
 to the same colour of the Chandelle pants. How to do? i used in SL Viewer 3, Developed Menu,
 select Show Info, so... select Show Color Under Cursor. Move your mouse to over the Chandelle pants, take note of the number that appear in the bottom of your screen. So, edit outfit, go to your pants, select tools and edit color  the  same numbers you got in Chandelle pants. Will be very closed, do some visual adjustments in the color and is DONE!.

Others Old Gifts:
[Cynful] Curvy Cardigan - Lace ~ Black 4 (I got it like Group Gift, now a days it cost L$199 in the
[2color] Leggings / Skirt L / wear l lower leg - I used this part to complement my pants in lower legs, and i tinted like i did to my pants ( to do it, look at your inventory for lower legs parts, that are Mod).
(Why i do this: well to me looks much better with prim parts).

H.LUZZA -Nikita Pearls HandBag/Black : I got like Group Gift times ago, think no longer exist.

Izzie's - Glitter Nails : Stuff that i like i tend to reppeat ;))))) - This is one old gift.

*[PP]- Gold Pearl Earrings : Old gift

 IKON Utopia Eyes - Pale Mint+Gold

Skin and Lashes from Readgrave (alredy posted, i love them too much)... The prim teeth i got from their Demo of the new skin ( works pretty well ;))))) ) !!

My Sin:
Now the spency part... Yes i commited this sin! it was  L$ 100 for group gift!
MONS / Hair - Archan (blonde)
This hair comes in 2 vertions: one Copy with resize menu and other Mody, so you can take of this buterfly... i decided let it here...  is about you...


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