Friday, April 27, 2012

The Black Widow III

Well, i called Black Widow, but could be foot fetish... ;)))

I back to World's End Garden  to visit and got the clothes again ( yes i already got them in the past... but i was not encoraged to find them in my inventory). They are free group gift and i am going to show you what i like most.

You already know that i use to mix everything   to create my own look...  rebuilding, many times fixing objects, colors, placement  or adding details.

To this outfit i mixed  parts of  La Nuit Du Chasseur  ( shoes, stocks, galtier, necklace) and parts of  Romance Le Noir (GG) ( the dress), both group gifts.

You already know i am fã of this Redgrave skin and lashes, also the Mayfly mesh eyes! I have blogged them many times.

The make up i already blogged. Its is from .Pekka. PAULINE Make Up.

The hair is Elikatira -[e] Abbey - Blonde 01 , new release, not free.

If you dont know this place, i recomend: go visit, its lovely!

Enjoy girls!

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