Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Backing from Easter Vacation!

Hello guys, lol... so many gifts around and i dont know what to wear first!.
Okkk...  from de older to the newest gift... lets go!

All you got the gifts from Easter PM hunt... so you recognize them! Lets talk about my adds so...
Skin... easy... Mother Goose JoeIII, 1L$ --- everyone knows it!!
Eyes... easy... i become fã from Mayfly... this is the old "demo"... go grap the group gift!
Glasses... this is Donna Flora MANON glasses gift... sorry not there now a days, but big chance you have it in inventory... main if you are a smart SL hunter, ;)))))
Pants...is  "Open Price" at VA Creations, what means is Free! goooo there, all is nice quality and free!
Shoes is group Gift of Felicity (30L$ to join)
Hair is Exile Stephan/ All or Nothing, Free too...
The earrings WTB * CIRCLE-CHAIN_ earrings, freeeeeeee ;)))))))))

How you can see... i go walk around by Moonstone Bay with an nice,  and complete  free outfit!

Enjoy this one until i finish the next... ;))

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