Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello guys...  I decided to test the NEW products from LOGO, TANGO and SLINK.

Last days I built some exclusive avatars using this products,  because i would like to prove to myself that they could be distinct spite using the same attachments.

I will  show you one of them, give you my tips and make my personal comments... but before, here all landmarks i am using in this post:

Not free: 
Mesh Head: LOGO - Pack of  Infinity Chloe Base Skin Amber - Style 2 and 3
Mesh Breast: TANGO - Lolas Natural breast
Mesh Feet&Hands: SLINK - Location: Sanctum (87, 104, 23)
Shirt with Appliers: DeeTalez,  Tops army body sheer rose+Appliers for Lolas
Hair: Magika [Hair L] Visit

Free 0L$:
Mesh Shorts: #17 Hunt T.P.W Pink Gloss
Location of my Photos - Home: SOSN Hunt - #24 [dirty.little.secret] :: "air" dwellling - Location: Naveh, Envision (128, 135, 1748)

The Air Home

Ps about this Home: It is a very nice product, full furnished and low prim ( min 68 to max 208), but no copy, no mod and not totally linked ... so get 2 or 3 copies by security!

Now lets talk about our Hibrid Female Avatar:

                              Without Appliers                                                   With Appliers: Hibrid

The LOGO Mesh Head was placed in my body without dificulties, but sometimes i got  bugged eyes and oversized heads... nothing to worry: simple relog in SL!

I LOVED this product! It is easy to handle and permits a lot of quality combinations between skins, makeups and expressions, giving you an exclusive identification.

In Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts, if your skin doesnt have Lolas Applier, you will have some work to get the right color to match with your skin.  The Logo skin that i am wearing doesnt have Lolas Applier (yet...) but  i got a nice match simple editing the product... If i can... you can!

Slink Mesh Hands and Feet:  Excellent products, most of you already know... easy to config editing the color of the Blender and using the command  /13 skin RGB.

If  you are interested in to copy this Avatar... since you have the Appliers, here is the receipt:

Enviroment Lights: in Preferences, Graphics, Advanced, flag: Local Lights, Basic Shaders, Atmospheric shaders. Maybe you have to do small adjusts, depending on your Graphic Card and Screen Type.

RGB for Hands: 191, 143, 133
RGB for Feet: 163, 107, 89
RGB for Breast: 185, 147, 132
For Logo: (from left to right)
Nouse Tip line 1 row 5
Bluch Line 1 Row  4
Eyeshadow line 4 row 4
Eyes line 1 row 4
Lipstick line 4 row 4
Eyebrow Line 1 Row 2
Eyelashes Line 3 Row 1
Expressions Line 2 Row 1
Body Torso:
Muscles: 30
Thick Neck 33
Sholders 10
Breast 0
Gravity 0
Join 46
Arms 100
Long Torso 75
Love 20
Belly 0
Body Legs:
Muscles 70
Long Legs 100
Hipwidth 60
Long Hips 26
Butt 50
Saddle 35
Bow 50

Now adjust the Tall to 2.04, Thicness to 70 and Fat to 0. In general is Middle size for Mesh Clothes.

For Xcite Genitals = this one is the Narcisus Model 7 with:
Outer Labia: 735149
Inner Labia: A8776A
Clit: 735149
Trimmed Triangle/Strip Hair Color: 080402

This is a gift to my dear readers.
Enjoy it!


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  2. Ty Nayra, you are very wellcome! hope you enjoy my suggestions... i will add your blog here too! thanks!