Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hello guys, i was missing all you a lot!
Since end December i started to have some problem with SL, i can not move well, neither do Teleports.
After many  reports the conclusion was that  i have a low quality Internet with more of 40% pack lost,  this is affecting all my life including my RL job.
In sequency i started to do reports to my brasilian provider (NET) that didnt solve the problem until now.  In fact i dont have options to run out of my actual provider because i live in a crowded region and the other providers have worst services!  Well, i am very sad with this, let go...
Since i can not move so well, in this post i will use some clothes that i got in Marketplace \\O.ô//., hope you enjoy my suggestions!

Above, me in triple  \\O.ô//

I believe you already have many items i will post... since we are in the end of January.

I am always curious about the backside view !!! rsrsrsrs! Which one do you prefer?
I dress my Jessica from Redgrave because i got identity with it, it is one old skin and how you can see still "up", like old wines... rsrsrs!

After this voyer look to the girls, when they are getting dressed to the ceremony... let's see what they are wearing:

From Letft to Right:

1o.  Skin Mojo : SANTA SKIN /Christmas 2012, group Gift
       Hair Lelutka: VENT hair group Gift
       Hair Band :::WEG::: Le jardin de la fille hair wreath: group Gift
       Shoes Purple Moon: :: PM :: Lace Pumps in White, old hunts
       Nail Izzie: old hunts
       Jewell Lazuri: group Gift
       Outfit {Etiquette} Delinquence All White, 10L$

2o. Skin Jessica Redgrave, not Free
      Hair >TRUTH< January - pumpkinpie: group Gift
      Jewell Lazuri Butterfly Meadow, Group Discount
      Bouquete: ..CM..Pew Decor White v. 5 - is  Mody... and not copy, so carefull! L$25 each
      Shoes [whatever] CG - groupgift/blush, group Gift
      Makeup MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Daily (pink), not Free
      Outfit {Etiquette} Decadence All White,  10L$, i tinted to get the right color.
      Veil: T1LS! - Bride Outfit Vs1, I used only the veil, 1L$ and tinted it

3o. Skin Al Vulo: Eleonor, January group Gift
      Hair [LeLutka]-VENT hair group Gift
      Jewell *MM* Feather Set, 10L$ - beaultifull!!!
      Outfit {Etiquette} Miranda Hot Pink, 10L$
      Shoes N-Core - old Hunt, WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #103 N-core Designs

All models:
Eyes Mayfly, not Free,
Freckles, 1L$!
Eyelashes: Eyelashes -30- Spider *REDGRAVE*, not Free

Now, lets dress this girls to a special cerimony!

The Bridesmaid Outfit: ~*~Shar's Gows~*~ Valentines Gift,  is Free,
Bouquete: CM..Pew Decor Pink, L$ 25,

The Bride Outfit:  ~*~Shar's Meshies~*~Pearl cookies, cost 100L$ - Its simple and very elegant, with delicated stars in the body and in the flex prims skirt.

Poses: Adorkable and Glitterati

Hope you enjoy your Valentine's days and I will cross fingers for you, who know?!!

Muuuuahs form ZARA!

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