Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hellooooo guys, did you miss me ? LOL... I am very buzy at RL... but  I didnt forget you my loves!

I was reading about Alek Wek and got a strong feeling to build an Alek Shape to SL. She is a Super Model in RL...  and i am proud to know this woman that had a dificult childhood become a winner.

Hope the itens that I will show in my pictures still around in SL, because i catch  them this month.

Lets see if I came closed...

What is a shape without the correct skin? so... is dificulty be perfect... also, i have strong dificulty to make thin shapes, because i am adept of curves... LOL

Skin: *Glance Skins - Nyasha - Licorice - Brown Brows - Small Cleavage, not free
Shirt: GizzA - Lola Blouse [Floral], Mimi's Choice GIFT
Pants: ::PL:: Valentine's Group Gift 2013
Shoes: ::Duh!::  Classic Leather Pump - ruby - JoJ Hunt
Earring: Lazuri Multistrand Necklace Earrings - Color Change, Group Gift
Necklace: Lazuri Hoop Collection  Necklace and Earrings Color Change, 100L$
Eyes: Izzie's - Deep Dark Eyes dark brown, not free
HairBase: _ LS HB Brun Superdark, not free
Hair: booN SLJ761 hair brown, not free
Hands: SLink
Dimples: L. Fauna 2.0, L$ 50

Look how the Cleavage and  Mesh clothes can improve the curves!

Hair:  [e] Listen - Black 04, 70%off
Earrings:  Chop Zue, Kharma Earth Slv Earrings, free
Ring: Mimi's Boutique TBCF Gift, old gift
Corset: ~Soedara~ Valentine Corset 2013, free
Skirt: {PopTart} Glitter Pulse Skirt (Bubbleyum), not free
Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth Realistic, L$ 200, another option could be { BoobieLicious } Real Prim Teeth 10 L only !!

Jewels: Lazuri MVW 2013 Lolita Paragorn  Aquamarine Group gift and Group discount
Eyes: DeeTaleZ real eyes V2 bluegreen, 1L$ in the pack of DeeTaleZ Skin Brilliance Skin Gogo FACE 2 Free Edition MED DARK

Since now, i will  gift my readers with the shapes that i develop to my posts, so if you like them,  you will every find a free item here. The old ones... i will probably send away too, with time.

Most of time i work based in real shapes, so i will try to be closed  the real forms, like i did in this case. Alek is very thin without curves... but in this shape, spite the small breast , hips and butt, i added minimal curves. Hope it will dress any clothe very well.
Like model, Alek has long legs and arms, this will make you stand out like her in real walkway.
Like a consumer, i test the shapes with many skins to correct or permit some variations. Be safe about this.

Here some of my tests, that determinated me to create 2 options: one to use with teeth smile and other to nomal use.

A - Glance - same i used in my post, B - My usual skin Redgrave Jessica, C - [PF] Group Gift Alyx - Sultry, D - Al Vulo group gift Ramona, E - Glam Affair Lilith Artic
In this group the smile line is to down, it helps to look more natural.

1 - Inaya-Soha, 2 - [PF] Alyx Sultry, 3 - Glam Affair Lilith Artic, 4 - Glam Affair Jadis Dark, 5- Glam Affair  Amberly Valentine 02, 6 - Al Vulo Ramona, 7 - Hush Daisy Cherry Cocoa,  8 - Jesylilo Cheap Skin Sara Light,  9 - Jesylilo May, 10 - Styled by Kira Serenit 01E, 11 - Mojo Group Gift Phoebe, 12 - Body Co Chocolata Dark Ebony (Nice one!), 13 - Body Co Ylang Ylang fair, 14 - Reggrave Jessica, 15 - Glance used in this post.
In this group the smile line is to up, perfect to wear with smile teeth.

The shape is for your appreciation HERE.

The Hairbase i used is .:EMO-tions:. HAIRBASE 9 short brown, not free.

My best whishes of sucess to you girls and boys that play like girls (lol),
Hugs, hugs...